At Least $88 Million will be refunded by AT&T to its Customers

At Least $88 Million will be refunded by AT&T to its CustomersThere were a number of untrustworthy business dealings between AT&T and a couple of companies famous for boosting the cell phone bills of customers. Now, at least 2.7 million former and current mobile subscribers of AT&T will get refunds from the Federal Trade Commission estimated at more than 88 million U.S dollars. The supposed refunds are being considered a part of 2014 settlement in which AT&T was allegedly involved in mobile cramming. It was regarding the attachment practice of unnecessary third-party fees in customer’s bills without authorization. The FTC indicated that those two involved famous cramming companies are Acquinity and Tatto.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a statement that AT&T was collecting unauthorized 9.99 U.S dollars charges per month for unnecessary features such as ringtones, horoscopes, love tips and other fun related features. These third-party companies were collecting 35 percent charges. The AT&T had changed its billing methods just after the crackdown of FTC. Now, the company has to pay the entire unauthorized collected amount in the fund of FTC and this amount will be refunded to affected customers in the mobile cramming case. The new consumer blog of FTC indicated that each customer will get back 31 U.S dollars on average. At least 2.5 million current customers will receive refunded amount on their AT&T mobile bills within next 75 days and 300 thousand former customers will receive their refund amount via a check.

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