Latest Drone of Facebook will offer Internet Connectivity during a Disaster

Latest Drone of Facebook will offer Internet Connectivity during a DisasterInternet connectivity has been considered an important element in our daily life. It provides a handsome support in making communications easily during disaster situation. Now, Facebook has presented the “Tether-Antenna”. The Developers blog post of Facebook has indicated that it is very simple, small and efficient helicopter, and it can hook onto unspoiled fiber & power lines during the unavailability or damaged cellular connectivity. It can hover some hundred feet from the ground. After finalization of this technology, it will be able to deploy internet and cellular communication tools immediately. It can operate for several months at a time to bring back the internet connectivity in any emergency situation.

It would enable the local community to be stay connected during the repair process for in ground connectivity. Facebook has confirmed that this technology is still in the development phase and it needs a lot more work for its perfect and efficient working. The social giant also mentioned its plan for blanketing the developing world in providing a limited form of internet connectivity. It is important that Zuckerberg & Co and social giant have some very serious plans for more than just presenting reinforced reality into your News Feed. It would enable community in most affected areas to connect the world.

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