Last Falcon 9 of SpaceX will be launched on 30th January 2017

Last disposable SpaceX RocketElon Musk has confirmed that its next flight of SpaceX has planned in the current month. He added that this flight will be Falcon 9 and it will carry EchoStar satellite to deliver in the orbit on 30th January 2017. He said that this flight will use the last expendable rocket of the company. A large amount of fuel will be used in this rocket for its first stage to initiate a landing because the satellite is too heavy at 5.4 imperial tons. He also confirmed that the higher-performance Falcon 9 (Block 5) or Falcon Heavy will be used to launch heavy-payload in the future in order to carry weighty payloads. Musk added that the new Falcon will be ready for flight at the end of 2017, but it doesn’t entirely rule out the availability of other expendable rockets.

Musk said that it represents a milestone for SpaceX. Our main objective will always be bringing a vehicle back home from the missions of Earth orbit. It will also save a handsome amount of the company and it would provide a support in normalizing the private spaceflight by manufacturing more reusable rockets. He said that we are near to the point where rockets will last for many years. The Ars Technica had predicted that SpaceX doesn’t have the ability to reach at its entire reusability. It means that a rocket would have the capability to fly as many times at it likes, prior to the arrival of Falcon 9 Block 5. The Blue Origin of Jeff Bezo has already tested flying a rocket a number of times.

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