Largest Wind Turbines in the World are Being Manufactured in UK

Largest Wind Turbines in the World are Being Manufactured in UKThe United Kingdom has recently started producing energy using the largest wind turbines in the world. The Danish company “Dong Energy” is behind this project and recently switched on the 32 gigantic structures in Liverpool Bay. These turbines are taller similar to some skyscrapers at about 640 feet. Each Turbine has 262 feet long blades in order to generate 8 megawatts of power. Point to be noted that it has been considered that these 8MW turbines are being used for commercial purpose for the first time. The company also indicated that single revolution of their blade has the ability to power one house for 29 hours.

At least 32 turbines have been built as an extension of the Burbo Bank wind farm over a decade ago by Dong Energy. They have at least double the capacity over the original structures of the farm. Due to friendly regulations and significant amount of subsidies, the Danish energy firm is manufacturing turbines in the United Kingdom. The government of UK also instructed the wind energy corporations to discover more ways to cut costs if they need a continuous support. So, the company has decided on manufacturing fewer amounts of enormous turbines instead of manufacturing a large number of smaller ones. They have been considered cheaper to manufacture and maintain since you would have to construct a foundation and tower for each turbine whatever its size.

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