Intel to Present its New Apollo Lake CPUs for Low-End Devices

Intel to Present its New Apollo Lake CPUs for Low-End DevicesIntel has also announced its next bunch of chips specially made for low-end hardware after its fast 4k-hungry 7th generation Core CPUs due to some specific reasons. The details have been presented by Anand-tech for the new “Apollo Lake” CPUs. The specific CPUs are built on a 14 nanometer process and it would change its last bunch of Pentium and Celeron processors. You will also find Core CPUs of Intel of mid-range and for high-end devices. The Apollo Lake chips will be added in notebooks, desktops and other low-end devices that don’t need extraordinary computing experience. This new group includes 3 desktop and 3 mobile CPUs, and all of them are according to the new Goldmont based architecture and 9th generation GPU technology of Intel.

The Pentium chips are considered more powerful with some faster clock speed and HD 505 graphics of Intel. The Ars Technica also pointed out that the new Thermal Design Power chips stands between 6 to 10 watts. These are amazing since its 7th generation Processors of Core-Y series as they are lower at 4.5 watts. The new Apollo Lake desktop will be presented with 10 watts of power on the board which is higher than its previous 6.5 Thermal Design Power chips. It is not sure that Intel is increasing its thermal profiles for its low-end chips, but it is moving towards more efficient GPU. They may be making cheaper convertible PC by new innovations.

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