Intel is offloading Virus Scanning Software

Virus scanning software of IntelIntel announces to use the integrated chipsets to scan the malicious attacks. This new change will bring improvement in performance and the battery life. Vice President of Intel’s security division, Rick Echevarria explains that this integrated scanning will be handled by the graphics processor. It would provide a significant amount of help in more scanning, enhancing the performance, and power consumption. According to the Intel test results, CPU was seen only at 2% usage which was dropped from 20%, which is a good sign. This integrated threat detection technology will be available on 6th, 7th, and 8th generation processors, which will be greatly beneficial for the machines to move out the viruses by scanning properties in GPU instead of CPU. CPU is used against memory-based attacks, which affects the performance of the machine as a result. Intel is greatly hopeful to solve the performance issue with this new invention.

Intel has joined the Microsoft to support this new device with some changes coming in the windows defender advanced protection during the current month. Intel has also engaged other antivirus vendors to take an edge of silicon level change. Specters like attacks are also the major challenge for the Intel; for this Intel Is mapping to detail silicon changes. The main purpose of Intel is to protect the hardware and give protection to the application from the virus attacks. Existing security system and updates have impacted the performance of the systems. The major objective of Intel is to bring the best and reliable products in the market ensuring to deliver performance.

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