Intel officially announced Ice Lake and 10th Generation Processors

Intel officially announced Ice Lake and 10th Generation ProcessorsIntel has offered the first real look of Ice Lake at Computex 2019. The platform will use AI to boost productivity and designed for the next generation of mobile computing. Intel has finally detailed exactly what to expect from Ice Lake. These processors are mobile chips, but you will not be able to buy them and slot them into your desktop. The Ice Lake isn’t Intel’s answer to AMD Ryzen 3000. It will likely come with Comet Lake. These processors will serve as the first step in Intel’s future-looking Project Athena. The 10th-generation mobile processors will come in U- and Y-series, which for the uninitiated are for Ultrabooks and fanless laptops respectively because the feature is the latest connectivity option.

It clearly indicates that Wi-Fi 6 (formerly known as 802.11ax) and Thunderbolt 3 will be supported natively with up to 4 USB-C ports. There may be the inclusion of Intel Gen11 graphics. It should feature more than enough power to get through a round of Fortnite on your lunch break. These processors will leverage the power of artificial intelligence to boost performance when you need it. The 10th-generation processors will use Deep Learning to adapt to your workloads to make sure they’re delivering the most performance and the most efficiency when needed. There are plenty of new processors that will be heading to a laptop near you over the next few months.

There are a number of high-performance U-series chips that will be featured in upcoming Ultrabooks. Some Y-Series chips will be behind the thinnest and lightest products. It is noteworthy that many of these processors come with Intel Iris Plus graphics. It was previously reserved for more premium SKUs. We can expect Intel’s Xe graphics cards to follow in Gen11’s footsteps. Intel is breaking up its laptop chip family into the Y-Series, which are meant for incredibly slim and efficient machines. The U-Series are geared towards more capable ultra-portables such as Dell’s XPS 13. The Y-Series chips are getting a bit more capable this generation with the first-ever quad-core models. The 10th-gen processors reach up to 4.1GHz boost speeds in the most powerful model.

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