Intel has announced Ice Lake Processors at CES 2019

Intel Ice LakeIntel has planned to offer the company’s first 10nm CPU family. These processors have shown Intel’s final move away from its 14nm processors. It is time for Intel’s processors to evolve with AMD going full steam ahead with 7nm and Ryzen 3rd Generation. There was a surprise announcement of Intel Ice Lake at CES 2019. It was an even bigger shock to hear that the processors are scheduled to arrive on store shelves this holiday season in the United States.

Most people were expecting Cannon Lake would usher in Intel’s first 10nm processor, but then the company pulled a fast one and introduced Ice Lake instead. We were also expecting Cannon Lake to finally get its long-delayed reveal. But then again, Intel introduced its Sunny Cove architecture from which these Ice Lake CPUs will be derived, just a few weeks before the giant tech conference. Intel isn’t anywhere close to announcing pricing for its Ice Lake-series processors.

Moreover, we can only look at how the prices of Intel’s processors have shifted going from Coffee Lake to Coffee Lake Refresh to speculate about how much Ice Lake CPUs will go for. AMD could also be another influence on Intel pricing, although Team Red also has yet to announce pricing for its Ryzen 3rd Generation CPUs. So we’ll have to wait and see how the cost of the first 7nm processors will affect Team Blue’s pricing scheme for its own 10nm processors. Intel has promised a 2x performance boost with smaller fabrication processes and the die shrink from 14nm.

Ice Lake CPUs will also come with native support for Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and DL Boost. While Intel has yet to officially announce any exact processor models. The company showed off an unnamed Ice Lake U-series CPU at its Architecture Day and at CES 2019. The basic specs of the 15W laptop processor included 4-cores, 8-threads and Gen11 graphics with 64 GPU execution units (EU). The new graphics look like a significant improvement from the Gen9 GPU found in Intel’s current line of processors, which only featured 24 EUs. In fact, the company claims Ice Lake-U will be the first chip with one TFLOP of integrated graphics performance.

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