Ice Homes will be constructed on Mars

Donut shelters on MarsIt is expected that the future astronauts will spend months of time on Mars. So, their well-made and durable shelter should be more reliable to isolate its residents from extreme outer weather or temperatures and cosmic radiation filtering from the thin atmosphere of the planet. Some have presented concepts regarding the material discovered on the surface of Mars. Most convincing concept was the concrete for minimizing the items carrying with the crew. The experts and scientists at the Langley Research Center of NASA have presented a brilliant and efficient solution about utilizing the planet resources, and named it “Mars Ice Home”. This solution mentions a huge, inflatable inner-tube and lined with a shell of water ice.

This design on only presents a lightweight structure, but it includes materials available on the Mars. In this design, the water strongly protects shelters against cosmic radiations and it can be reuse for the rocket fuel for the Mars Ascent Lander. The concept of “Mars Ice Home” has some drawbacks, such as experts at Martian resource extraction have indicated that it will take at least 13 months to fill the shell with essential water from the planet. The robots can inflate and pump the shelter while the astronauts are on the journey. The radiation shielding with water will allow the shelter to exist aboveground. So, it needs deep digging to protect the residents of shelter. It has been considered just a theory, but the Ice Home idea has provided a fascinating concept for designers & experts to innovate more efficient and powerful solution for exploration challenges of Martian.

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