High-Speed Next-Generation Trains of Amtrak will Arrive in 2021

Amtrak TrainsThe country’s publicly inherited rail company Amtrak doesn’t have high-tech status, but it has been considered that it is a perfect way to travel, specifically on the Eastern seaboard. Most of the people believe that its reputation will be according to modern requirements in the near future. The company has received a loan from federal government of $2.45 billion. The future plan of the company is to invest in 28 next-generation train sets and meaningful upgrades at the Northeast Corridor. The Vice President of Amtrak Joe Biden has announced that $2 billion of the loan will be used in buying new train cars for its home station in Wilmington, Delaware.

He added that it would boost the Acela fleet by 40% at the beginning of service in 2021. The top speed of new trains of Amtrak will be at 186 mph and it would provide one-third extra seating capacity for passengers with more outlets & USB ports and enhanced WiFi quality. Its top speed is close to the Japan’s high-speed rail lines of 200 mph. The new design of train cars is lighter and more aerodynamic, and it would also cut energy usage by 20%. At least 95% of train cars will be built in America and manufactured by Alstom in New York State. The company has planned that other amount $450 million of federal loan will be used for upgrading four stations including Penn Station in New York City and Union Station in Washington DC, and some essential infrastructure enhancement between Boston and Washington DC.

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