Green Energy Projects from Amazon in the UK and the United States

Recycling & Green Energy initiatives from AmazonAmazon is taking 2 new green projects in the UK and the United States. The major objective of these initiatives would reduce waste and its carbon footprint. The company announced its plans to invest 10 million U.S dollars in Closed Loop Fund in the United States. It will provide a significant amount of support in recycling infrastructure across the U.S. The investment of Amazon would bring nearside recycling to more than 3 million homes. It could keep at least 1 million tons of recyclable material by the year 2028.

The CEO of Closed Loop Fund, Ron Gonen issued a statement that the investment of Amazon in the Closed Loop Fund is an example of offering a profitable business in the United States. It is noteworthy that other companies are also looking to meet consumer demand. It would decrease costs while offering a more renewable future and a significant amount of growth in jobs in the country. The recent commitment from Amazon would cut a large amount of waste. Other brands and retailers should follow this remarkable approach of green projects.

The company will start installing solar panels on its fulfillment centers in the UK. It will be a part of their efforts to establish solar systems on its 50 centers around the world by the year 2020. Amazon has been planning to install solar systems on its 10 fulfillment centers in the UK during the next 18 months. These solar systems in the UK will be able to provide power for more than 4,500 homes. The company has shown its commitment to power UK buildings with 100% renewable energy.

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