Google will launch its latest Pixel 6 Smartphone before Summer 2021

Google will launch its latest Pixel 6 Smartphone before Summer 2021The Google Pixel 5 is still the latest and best smartphone from the company until we get the Google Pixel 6. Some rumors have indicated that the Google Pixel 6 will likely be launch before summer 2021. The price and availability are being guessed based on the Pixel 5. The new smartphone will supposedly come out towards the end of 2021 and it is based on the flagship trends of Google. Point to be noted that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were more premium offerings. However, the Pixel 5 is a mid-range phone. The Pixel 5 cost $699 so maybe we could see a similar price for Google Pixel 6. There are 2 hints of possible Google Pixel 6 features in early Android 12 code. One of these is the existence of a one-handed mode and suggests a Pixel 6 XL could be on the way.

The other is the possibility of an in-screen fingerprint scanner, something Google hasn’t used before in its smartphones. One sign of the Google Pixel 6 is in a Google patent, explaining a supposed future smartphone that doesn’t have a visible selfie camera. However, the patent didn’t explain how this is achieved. It seems like the camera would be underneath the screen, as we’ve now discovered on the ZTE Axon 20 5G. The Google Pixel 5 wasn’t the most interesting-looking smartphone in the world. Pixel phones have never been real lookers, but we’d like to see the Pixel 6 a little more memorable. Google Pixel phones have made a name for themselves by being great camera phones, but recent devices from the company don’t actually have telephoto lenses, meaning all zooming is digital.

It clearly indicates the zoom picture design to have lower resolutions and therefore look grainy. It would stop you zooming in as far as using the camera app itself. We are expecting Google will bring telephoto cameras back to the Pixel line so we can take better zoom shots with the phones. One of the major differences between older Pixel flagships and the Pixel 5 was the selection to use a mid-range chipset instead of a top-end one. It is noteworthy that the earliest few generations of Google Pixel smartphones were pretty small. So, they were easy to use one-handed, fit in pockets well, and felt comfortable in the hand for people with smaller palms. But, that wasn’t the case for the brand’s 2020 smartphones, but we’d love to see a return to smaller devices. The compact phone market is severely lacking and Google could really corner it if it needed.

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