Google invented a New Tool to spot Advanced Breast Cancer using AI

Google AI can spot advanced breast cancerGoogle has proved that Artificial Intelligence can be more useful in detecting cancer-related issues. The researchers of social giant have recently developed a deep learning tool. It can spot an advanced or metastatic breast cancer. This new tool provides perfect accuracy. They trained their algorithm called LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant) to recognize the presence of tumors using 2 sets of pathological slides. It gives the ability to spot metastasis in a wide variety of conditions. The result was an AI system that could tell the difference between cancer and non-cancer slides 99% of the time, even when looking for extremely small metastases that humans might miss.

LYNA was even more effective when serving as a companion. Pathologists performing simulated diagnoses discovered that the deep learning tech made their work easier. It will not just only reduce the rate of missed micro-metastases using a “factor of two,” it will also cut the inspection time in half to a single minute. This immediate approach would only have so much effectiveness in the field since it would be looking for late-stage breast cancer where there’s no known solution. The new tool will be used in real-life clinical situations. The scientists have pointed out that metastasis is a common factor in most forms of cancer. It wouldn’t take much to adapt the system to look for other tumors. If and when it’s ready for practical use, it could both lead to extremely reliable diagnoses and free doctors to focus more of their time on caring for their patients.

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