Google has signed Health Tech Cloud agreement with Ascension

Google has signed Health Tech Cloud agreement with AscensionGoogle has made a considerable and major advancement into healthcare are with a massive new cloud computing agreement. The tech giant has announced that Google Cloud will be partnering with Ascension. The company will provide hosting services for large amounts of health data from millions of patients across the United States. This current agreement has marked the start of Project Nightingale. It is also a new initiative from Google in order to bring AI and machine learning technology and healthcare closer together. The company hasn’t yet provided complete details of Project Nightingale. But, Google has indicated that the company will work with Ascension. It is important that Ascension operates in 21 states in the U.S.

The new agreement will enable Google to source data that can be used to design smarter AI patient care software. The deal marks Google’s biggest healthcare computing deal to date. It was first announced in the month of July and considered as part of the company’s expansion of Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning tools. Google exactly mentioned about the new deal in a blog post regarding the recent news. The blog post has indicated that the company was gaining access to personal health records. President, Industry Products and Solutions, Google Cloud, Tariq Shaukat wrote, “Our work with Ascension is a business arrangement in order to help a provider with the latest technology”.

Shaukat added, “These organizations, such as Ascension, use Google to securely manage their patient data, under strict privacy and security standards. They are the stewards of the data and we provide services on their behalf. We are proud of the important work we are doing as a cloud technology partner for healthcare companies”. He said, “Modernizing the healthcare industry is a major and critically important task with the ultimate result, not just digital transformation, but also improving patient outcomes and saving precious lives”.

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