Google aims to Build Cities and Airports in Future

After self-driving cars, balloon-carried internet the Google co-founder Larry Page aims to build cities and airport in the near future. Larry Page is reportedly working behind Google 2.0 tasks for last one year with the team of excellent keeping world’s big challenges in the mind and looking for  the solutions that Google can offer to the humanity under this project. Page wants to build a model city and some efficient airport. Google Y, a new lab is being developed only for this project.

Google already owns a lab named as Google X that works on future technologies even than the new lab is made for this new project that shows the sincerity of the Google in this project. Page said he aims to see the biometric security system in the new airports with the special sensors associated with this security system. The security system will be embedded with the smart watches. It is common practice that Google thinks about the future but thinking is unique and impressive. This is one of the grand projects Google started for the wellbeing of humanity.

The model city that Page interested to build will have better security system and outstanding living standard. According to Google insiders the structure of the model has been prepared and available in the Google Y lab. The working on this project need millions of dollar investment. The number of international companies have shown interest in the model city and airport idea of Page and offered investment in this project. Page is determined to complete this project in next 2 years, but it will be a big challenge for him and his team.

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