First Solo Flight of NASA’s IKHANA Drone in Public Airspace Zones

First Drone Flight of NASA PubliclyThe remotely-piloted aircraft of NASA Ikhana flew in public airspace for the first time without any chasing aircraft. Traditionally, one aircraft follows the large-sized drone when it flies on the sky within the zones specified for the commercial and private pilots use. Now, the FAA has allowed the U.S space agency a reservation to test various major technologies that were being developed for years in order to detect and avoid collision with other aircraft. They needed to monitor the ability of this unmanned aircraft to fly on its own among other piloted planes in the sky, and it successfully passed the test.

The unmanned aircraft “Ikhana” took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and progressed through various traffic control zones. It consumed time in various altitude zones from up to 20,000 feet (for commercial aviation) and 10,000 feet for (general aviation). The Ikhana successfully managed in assuring its remote pilot has the ability to navigate and collaborate with ground operations similar to a pilot in the cockpit. Now, this successful test has now opened the doors using drones for other civil service operations. NASA issued a press release and said that it would help in fighting forest fires, search operations, and rescue operations.

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