First Solar Road in the world completed in France

Solar Road in FranceFrance has got first place in structuring and installing solar panels on the road. The little town of Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France has managed overcome the problem to power its street lights. Now, the Sun will participate to handle this issue. On Wednesday, the Ecology Minister of France Ségolène Royal has officially opened one kilometer road. This specific project took at least 5 years for its development and its cost estimated at 5.2 million U.S dollars in manufacturing and installation of 30 thousand square feet solar panels on the road.

These solar panels are well coated with a clear silicon resin. It enables solar panels to withstand the impact of traffic movement. This project has been considered the first project of its kind. These installed panels are too much expensive en masse. It is important that these solar panels are less efficient compared to traditional solar panels due to they are installed flat instead of installing angled. But, it should pop the manufacturer of road to figure out how to decrease its cost and increase its efficiency. It is important that France has planned to construct and install more solar panels on 1 thousand kilometer roads.

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