First Self-driving Air Taxi CORA of Larry Page will be launched in New Zealand

Cora Air TaxiSome reports circulated online in 2016 that the Alphabet CEO (Google co-founder) Larry Page had 2 flying car projects under process. It is important that the flyer recreational vehicle announced last year and now it’s time to present Cora. The Kitty Hawk Company of Page has developed an air taxi and named it “Cora”. It is an electric aircraft specially designed to use as public transportation service instead of selling these aircraft to individual users. It has been manufactured to use the self-flying software. The aircraft has 12 lift fans for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) similar to a helicopter, so it doesn’t need a runway. A single fan moves Cora at 110 miles per hour and it can efficiently perform the operation between 500 and 3,000 feet.

The FAQ of the company has indicated that the aircraft has 3 self-governing flight-computers and it has the ability to navigate even one of them goes out of work. It is due to each rotor independently works. It is important that the aircraft also has a parachute for an emergency landing after the failure of fans, so there is a rare chance for wrong happening. The Kitty Hawk Company is owned by the former head of Google, Sebastian Thrun. The initial blog post about Cora points out New Zealand for its first future base where anyone will be able to get a freedom of flight. Point to be noted that the Wright Brothers from North Carolina earlier announced the similar project. New York Times explained that the company will meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern and an agreement is expected to be signed in this regard.

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