First Launch of Falcon Heavy on Saturday, 17th June 2017

Falcon HeavySpaceX has planned to utilize its used booster for re-launch on Saturday, 17th June 2017. But, it is in fact getting its massive lift rocket is ready for lift off and it will take place in the current year. The chief of the company Elon Musk responded to one of his Twitter followers that all three of the Falcon heavy cores would be at Cape Canaveral in the coming 2 to 3 months. After one month, the rocket would make its way to space if everything shows its perfectness. It means that the first journey of Falcon Heavy would take place in the early days of September 2017. So, the company is consistently working on its planning for best presentation. The Falcon Heavy is estimated at 3 million pound and it has the ability to carry at least 140 thousand pounds to low-orbit of the earth.

The above mentioned ability of Falcon Heavy is almost thrice the payload compared to the Falcon 9. It has the ability to fly and carry a considerable amount of load into the space, since it was designed for manned missions to the moon and to Mars. Previous info of the private space corporation indicated that it will try to re-land the upper stage of rocket during the demo flight. It would be too hard for the vehicle with heavy weight. Musk also admitted that its success chances are low, but we are working hard and hopeful for its success. It would be great to see the first journey of Falcon Heavy in the recent month. Point to be noted that SpaceX and other private space companies are looking to push back timelines.

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