First Image of a Baby Planet PDS 70b around Young Star

First image of a baby planetA group of astronomers has captured the first image of a planet being formed around a young baby star. The Very Large Telescope ESO (European Southern Observatory) used to discover the new planet and named it PDS 70b and named the star PDS 70. The newly forming planet can be seen very clearly as the bright spot at the right of the black dot in the middle of the image. The showing black area in the image is the star PDS 70. It would allow astronomers to discover more details, but it might be affected by the light of planet PDS 70b. The distance between the host star and a newly forming planet is estimated at more than 3 billion km or 1.8 billion miles. This distance is similar to the distance between our Sun and Uranus. The planet PDS 70b has been considered a gas planet with a size more than Jupiter.

The surface temperature is estimated at more than 1832 degree Fahrenheit or 1000 degrees Celsius. The astronomers have already discovered such disc of a planet-forming some materials around young stars, but the young planets were always a part of the disc of the planet. So, it was the first time that they originally discovered a separate baby planet. They didn’t just capture this image, but they were able to gather more information about planetary formation. A long time ago, scientists have predicted about the type of the transforming disc and it was the ring of proto-planetary material and a hole in the middle. The theory behind this formation was that it was formed by the cooperation between the new planet formation and the disc. But, now scientists have discovered that it was happening for itself.

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