First Air Taxi prototype of Uber

Uber Air TaxiCBS News reported today about the first look at design models of Uber for its new air taxi, which it hopes to fly by the year 2020. They will be available for display at the Uber Elevate Summit on coming Tuesday in Los Angeles. The news channel presented the model in a video at a timestamp of approximately 1:02. The design of new air taxi looks much similar to a drone, with a couple of propellors and stacked rotors in order to allow vertical takeoff and landing. The body of air taxi is similar to the groundwork of a plane, instead of a helicopter. The aircraft will run on electricity, instead of fuel, so it will be more efficient, quieter, and less expensive as compared to a typical helicopter.

The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrow-shahi said that people will use the Uber app to call an air taxi, and then go to the nearest rooftop sky port for pickup. He said that there will also be a ridesharing mechanism in place. He added that there will be up to 4-riders will fit into each air taxi and it will help cut costs. The company needs to create the network around those vehicles. Khosrowshahi informed CBS News that regular people can take these taxis in the air for longer distances when they need to prevent traffic at reasonable and affordable prices. It is amazing that Uber would need to focus on something more advanced and innovative, like an air taxi.

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