First 4K Live-Stream from Space will Start Today

First 4K Live-Stream from Space will Start TodayAs a commander aboard the International Space Station (ISS), astronaut Peggy Whitson has already made a number of new grounds in her current role and now she is moving for more. Whitson will star on 26th April 2017 in the 1st 4K live-stream from space at 1:30PM Eastern time. It is important that AWS is hosting the event and her major role will be a chat with the exec of Amazon Web Services Sam Blackman, but the entire panel has its own worth. It would be a chat between personalities from Tech industry and NASA regarding the effects that imaging & cloud technology have for both movie making and science. So, you just need a better internet connection and a computer having better performance in tuning at 4K.

It is very clear that the International Space Station has a great challenge. The 4K Gear is using a RED Epic Dragon Camera attached with a 4K encoder as the internet connection. The network being used by ISS has been receiving performance upgrades and it remained to be examined that how bandwidth-hungry 4K video is perfect in a real live-stream. But, NASA is much worry regarding delays and recently restored its technology, and current event is representing a breakthrough. The crews at the ISS aren’t afraid to 4K, but this technology might be a relatively major tech for their entire work for live-stream, instead of offline productions. Astronauts were happy in getting web access in 2010, now it would be a test experiment that how evolved new space-borne internet.

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