Firefighters in NYC Will Use Drones in Their Firefighting Operations

Firefighters in NYC Will Use Drones in Their Firefighting OperationsThe firefighters of New York City have a new assistant (drone) to provide them a handsome support to keep them safe. They have started small testing using fire-engine unman aerial vehicle. It has the ability to take standard and infrared images and videos. Its cost is estimated at 85 thousand U.S dollars and it has the ability to send footage to operation commanders in real time. It would provide them latest information in order to response quickly in a possible best time. The fire department normally sends tactical personnel fully equipped to take photographs of an incident before spiritualistic deployment. The director of the fire department Timothy E. Herlocker said that “we have experienced benefits of deploying drones in 2014 at a gas explosion incident”.

An unskillful pilot captured images of the incident and then we compared them with photographs taken by our tactical unit. We found that drone images provided perfect views of the entire incident and it also provided extraordinary information than pictures captured from the ground. Herlocker added that most of the people have experienced boring activities in their life, but new advanced drones have more powerful and efficient features in saving human lives. If someone needs to see more efficient firefighting drones, you should visit at Boise, Idaho. Last year, the officials have started testing pilotless helicopters in the city to drop water onto wildfire area. The first drone will be deployed in the coming week due to the UAV is being operated by government agency. It is important that necessary permissions from FAA are required to start any operation, but it normally takes just 15 minutes. The FAA has promised for a fast approve where lives may be in danger.

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