Your Face will be Scanned at Dubai International Airport

Dubai AirportThere are a large number of people from around the world visit Dubai airports. It is expected that Dubai will play host to at least 124 million people by the year 2020. So, they are looking to enhance the efficiency of security checkpoints using some more advanced efforts. The National reports have indicated that Dubai International Airport has planned to install a tunnel equipped with 80 facial recognition and iris scanning cameras. The walls of the tunnel will display things, such as virtual aquariums or deserts as well as advertisements. The passengers only need to walk through as their normal routine at the airport. A display will be shown at the end of the tunnel to tell the passenger to have a nice trip or generate an alert for officials to take another look.

The deputy director general of Dubai residency & foreign affairs, Obaid Al-Hameeri said in a press interview that we have been working for at least 4 years to transform the procedure from the traditional counter and we will not need the counter in the near future. Point to be noted that the images displayed on the wall aren’t just for decoration; they will be used for a meaningful purpose. For instance, the fish is a part of an entertainment and something new & attractive for travelers, but at the end, it attracts the vision of travelers to different corners in the tunnel for the cameras to capture face print of traveler. Dubai shouldn’t be considered the first place in becoming a biometric place to enhance the airport efficiency. The U.S has been testing the use of facial recognition as a part of its security elements for international travelers.

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