Dubai will start Passenger Drones in this Summer

Passenger dronesA human-sized quad-copter only for single-rider strapped “CES 2016” steam up could be carrying passengers in the early summer in Dubai. The head of Roads & Transportation Agency Dubai has announced yesterday at the World Government summit that the Chinese manufactured “EHand 184” passenger drone will start its regular operations around the city of Dubai in the month of July 2017. The Associated Press also reported that the “EHang 184” has already been delivered around Burj Al-Arab skyscraper Dubai. The skyscraper has a helipad above 689 feet off the ground and it was used for experimental purpose of passenger drone. The chief of Roads & Transportation, Mattar Al-Tayer said that it shouldn’t be considered just a model, we have successfully experimented this special quad-copter vehicle flying in the skies of Dubai.

Point to be noted that Al-Tayer didn’t mention whether those flights will actually be used to carry a real person. It was assumed that the specs of Personal Flying Vehicle have gotten a number of extra-performance upgrades since it was presented on the floor in Las Vegas. The Associated Press reported that the PFV has the capability of half-hour flight with the covering range of at least 30 miles. The capacity for passenger is still limited for one 260-pound person with a capacity for a small-suitcase. The vehicle is self-driving and the passenger would need to punch its destination and fasten seat-belt before take-off. The “EHang 184” will communicate using 4G wireless-network from a control room on the ground. So, Dubai will become the first city using drones for carrying passengers around the city. Now, the officials are looking for the approval from FAA for EHang 184.

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