Dubai Police Department has Planned a Human-Free Police Station

Dubai Police Department has Planned a Human-Free Police StationDubai is moving well in finding Robot Policing as the way of future. The emirate is (one of 7 in the UAE) taking a technological hike of faith and ready to introduce its 1st Robot Officer to the Dubai police force. The new Robot Officer is designed by PAL Robotics (Spanish Company). This advanced REEM Robot has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and looks like an adventurer in sparkling white plastic armor and walking on its wheels. It has been considered the first step for the police department in Dubai. Dubai police department has planned to have at least 25% of its police force self-assured robot officers by the year 2030. The General Director of Smart Services Department in Dubai Police Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al-Razaqi also indicated that the department is looking to make everything smart in Dubai Police.

He also added that Dubai Police will have the first smart police station and this police station doesn’t need human employees. The prototype for robot police officer was announced last year at GITEX (an annual Dubai-based electronics trade show) and was actually a glorified kiosk entirely with a touch screen interface. People will be able to submit paperwork, report crimes and pay fines for traffic violations. Dubai Police department was working with AI system Watson of IBM for voice command recognition. Now, the police department has planned to use robots as full-fledged police officers. It was supposed that Dubai Police Department is now using Smart to mention their new robot initiative.

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