Drones are being used as National Mail Service in France

drone service in FranceIt will not be more surprising to find postal services experiments using drones mail delivery. Now, France has officially started mail delivery service using drones. The national mail service of France has been considered the first in delivering packages using drones on a regular route. The express courier subordinate of the mail service “DPD group” has started a test program. The group is using hexa-copter drone will pick packages up to 6.6 pounds and deliver to southern region of France at estimated 9.3 mile route. This service has been considered most quicker and dedicated service to facilitate French people.

There are a number of customers using specific areas to receive their orders. This mail delivery service shouldn’t be compared to the recent home delivery service by Amazon in the UK. This service has been considered more challenging to deliver packages to individuals, who don’t have specific required secured space to receive their orders. The nature of this experiment is naturally a big deal. It is assuming a positive step in utilizing drones for everyday need of mail service in spite of restricting them for just special events. DPD group has described this particular service as useful for delivering in hard-to-access places such as mountains and islands. It can provide more help in any situation where traditional deliveries such as trucks are unable to reach.

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