Drone Operators will now be Able to Get their Own Weather Forecasts

Drone Operators will now be Able to Get their Own Weather ForecastsDrones have become more effective and efficient by increasingly performing various vital roles for missions such as filming, inspection, and crop spraying. But, the drone operators are still unable in getting detailed weather information that airplane pilots have due to UAVs mostly fly at much lower altitudes. A company “Earth Networks” is now presenting Sferic Drone-Flight, hyperlocal, and low-altitude weather forecasting for drone operators. The company will provide detailed regional forecast from 10 to 400 feet of altitude at any location in the world. Drone operators will be able to get hourly forecasts regarding wind speed and direction up to 6 days ahead of time. It would enable them in making an easier plan for tricky missions.

This system is powered by Global Weather Corporation. It has at least 10 thousand weather sensors and more than 1,500 lightning sensors in 90 countries. Drone manufacturers such as DJI are continuously adding planning and protection features such as GPS Geo-fencing in keeping drones out of prohibited areas. It will be more practical due to current winds and other data will be delivered directly to drones or pre-flight apps. Their systems will be able to calculate range, directions and other essential flight parameters efficiently. Earth Networks also said that researchers and drone operators will be able to use data in identifying disturbing conditions and initiate investigation after drone accidents. The Earth Networks will test its network at the University of Maryland at its unmanned aircraft systems test site in order confirm its possible accuracy.

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