Drone Mail Delivery System Tested in Australia

RTX2A6LG-edIt is amazing that drones are being used for the delivery of mail as “mail couriers”. The Australia Post has magnificently field-tested the drone system to deliver small packages. This system will be more useful especially to deliver sensitive items and goods such as medicines. The drone system was just tested initially, but it would provide a new dimension for trial deliveries to original customers hopefully at the end of this year. But it should not be consider a preview for long-term planning.

This field-test would bring closer the delivery drones to lawfulness, but it would also draw attention to the currently available technology. The large area of Australia would make it impossible that drone system will deliver anything and cover coast-to-coast locations. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t have the capability to deliver items to a village that is hundreds of miles away from one location to another destination. But, for faster mail delivery of sensitive items, the other mail services will also participate along with the drone mail delivery mail system.

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