DNA will be used by Bavarian police to find suspects

Bavarian police can use DNAA new law has just passed by the government of German state of Bavaria. Science reported that this new law would allow police and agencies much more flexibility in order to track down a suspect using DNA. The law enforcement agencies in the region have only been allowed to use DNA to match a suspect with the crime scene evidence. The new law will enable them to use DNA by finding eye color, skin color, hair color, age, and other bio-geographical source possibilities based on genetic markers. The new DNA standard is a part of the law and it also includes other permissions for expanding police surveillance, but it has drawn various criticisms. If the limitations of these kinds of techniques aren’t understood, they could have negative repercussions, in regards to the new ways of using DNA.

A professor of technology studies at the University College Freiburg, Veronika Lipphardt said that the proponents are framing this as the most reliable, secure and targeted technique available. But, they exaggerate the numerical certainties. A law professor at the Free University of Berlin said that police and law enforcement agencies need a lot of training to use it intelligently and responsibly. The ethical ramifications of using novel DNA-based methods to track down suspects are also the part of a conversation going on in the United States. California officials announced last month that they had captured the Golden State Killer by comparing crime scene DNA to an open genetic ancestry database.

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