A DNA Computer can Attack Infections using White Blood Cells: Scientists

A DNA Computer can Attack Infections using White Blood Cells: ScientistsA new DNA-based computing device has been created by a team of scientists headed by Professor Ross D. King at the University of Manchester. It will not be very too if you consider the DNA as being the code for generating life and the capability of performing other tasks using this advanced computing device. A research had indicated that 4 key proteins of DNA can be pooled mutually to redirect White Blood Cells to attack infections or grow hair. It can also theoretically be used in analyzing a huge amount of climate data. So, it might be used to execute dreadfully practical Nazi to shoot at perfect target. Currently available computers generally use a limited number of processors in order to perform these kinds of operations.

A specific device using DNA molecules has the ability to grow more itself in performing various calculations at the same time often without limitations. The Quantum computers are still in their youth and they have the ability to process simultaneously, but they still need dedicated set ups to perform such operations, which is limited to their effectiveness. It is important that the DNA computers don’t have such restrictions. Professor King also said that “imagine a computer is searching a labyrinth and seeking to a choice point, one path towards left and other right. The electronic computers often require choosing the first path to follow in the beginning. But, our new advanced computer doesn’t require selecting option and it has the ability to replicate itself by following both paths simultaneously in order to find rapid answer”.

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