Carbon Fiber is a Perfect Option to Protect Buildings From Earthquakes

cabkoma-strand-rodThe major issue with earthquake-proofing to a building generally includes grafting on a number of supports. It had been considered not perfect choice with historic buildings or some ancient types of advanced structures. The Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory has discovered a best option. Its Strand Rods “CABKOMA”, based on carbon fiber has the capability to protect a building from earthquakes by tying the roof to the ground. It must be ensured that the entire building will move together and maintain its stability during an earthquake.

The carbon fiber is light weight, but very strong and you carry a 520 feet strand by yourself very easily. The photograph is also showing that the technology has its limitations. We can better understand that it would be unable to protect tall buildings or sky creepers. This option will be useful in small and mid-size structures because it needs an extra amount of free space. But, this option can provide an important role in saving precious human lives. It will be more specific for those areas where the traditional bolts and braces don’t work.

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