California is Leading in Renewable Energy in the United States

California is Leading in Renewable Energy in the United StatesCalifornia implemented combative legislation in 2016 in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and motivation for renewable energy production in the entire state. The state has been monitoring its progress by its California Green Innovation annual index report. The 9th report was issued in the current week. This report has indicated that the state has made some valuable progress regarding its renewable energy targets. Point to be noted that solar energy generation was increased by more than 1,700% during 2010 and 2015, and renewable electricity was calculated at more than 22% for electricity generation of the state in 2015. Renewable energy generations increased at more than 8% and the overall increase at 40% with solar power. The report also indicated that job and economic growth wasn’t burdened due to a push towards renewable energy.

It is important that the GDP of the state has increased by at least 5 thousand U.S dollars per person since the climate law of California passed in 2006. The job growth was also stronger in California compared to the country by at least 27%. The above mentioned targets were achieved due to decreasing per capita emissions by 12% and carbon-intensity by 4.5%. The report also mentioned that state is working well in some specific areas. The reductions in greenhouse gases have gridlocked and decreased just 0.34% during 2014-2015. The report also indicated about the lack of progress in this specific area to cheaper gas prices and increased at least 3%. Noel Perry released the report and indicated that the data in the current year’s index is showing developing cleaner transportation options.

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