Brightest Crater of Ceres is Salt: NASA

Brightest Crater of Ceres is Salt: NASAThe in-charge Dawn spacecraft scientists of NASA has issued a number of high resolution images of Ceres with adding information regarding the material of more sparkling areas. One of the latest images is showing another view of its well-known Occator Crater captured on 16th October 2016 from different position and it is at least 920 miles above from the midget planet. The latest research of Dawn team further indicated that Occator has been considered the brightest hole of Ceres and it is due to the crater is made of salt. The Dawn team concludes the effect that formed the crater forced a salty liquid to weep out from underground. It then immediately got freeze and turned into water vapor and leaves a salty blanket.

Alongside the Occator close-up, the Dawn team has also issued another image displaying how Ceres can be viewed from the naked eye. They also mutually combined images taken by the Green, Red and Blue filters of probe. After combining them, they twisted the colors of results to be harmonious with the mechanism Ceres reflects different types of light wavelengths. You will probably need to know the midget planet more deeply than current advancement in the near future. NASA is looking to get more data after its 6th science orbit. It would provide a handsome support to investigate the composition of its surface.

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