Braille Display Standard for Blind Users developed by Microsoft and Apple

new braille display standard for blind peopleUser-friendliness has been considered a major issue when we talk about technology. The new advancement in the technology is making it simpler for people with various ease of access issues to collaborate with the world, and it might stop throwing people away. Now, the non-profit USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) has announced a new standard for Braille displays. This new standard was developed by Microsoft in cooperation with Apple and other leaders in the tech industry. The HID (Human Interface Device) standard will make it simpler & easier blind people or those having a lower vision to use Braille displays across hardware and operating systems. It doesn’t need more specialized or advanced drivers making it easier and simplifying development.

The accessibility program manager of Microsoft Windows, Jeff Petty said that the tech giant has observed the possibility and advancement in technology has much potential for people with disabilities. Petty added that it is a major responsibility of tech industry to develop new ways of providing more facilities to everyone. The HID standard development for Braille displays is an example of a combined work and it would open new ways across tech industry in providing benefits to our society. It will ultimately enhance the employment rate for disabled people. It has been considered much better to see conventional competitors such as Microsoft and Apple working together on such important task as accessibility. This partnership will be more beneficial and both tech giants along with other tech industry leaders will continue working together in making computers and technology more accessible.

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