Blue Moon will occur on Wednesday and NASA will televise the Event

Blue Moon will occur on Wednesday and NASA will televise the EventVarious parts in the United States will experience a view of more identical lunar eclipse on Wednesday. The next full lunar eclipse will take place in January 2019 and it can be viewed from North America. But, this event will be unique as compared to the traditional lunar eclipses. This event will create a perfect combination to full lunar eclipse with a Blue Moon and Super Moon. It will make a type of moon event Triple Threat. The entire areas in the United States will not experience the entire moony eclipse. NASA has planned to televise the event online by offering views from Arizona and California. The Super Moon takes place when the moon reaches a part of its orbit closer to the Earth and it makes its appearance about 14% brighter.

The Blue Moon is considered the second full moon of the month. The above-mentioned 3 events will now occur at the same time in making this lunar eclipse more identical and unique. NASA has indicated that Alaska, Hawaii and the West Coast areas will experience the full lunar eclipse. But, some areas in Mountain, Central and Eastern Time will just experience the lunar eclipse from its beginning. They will be able to view the eclipse since the moon will start moving below the horizon prior to it’s entirely completion of eclipse. The entire event will take about 4 hours and the moon will be fully extinguished by the shadow of Earth for at least one hour and 16 minutes. NASA has planned to show views from its Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, and the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center Observatory at the University of Arizona.

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