Blood Samples Can be Stored Using Silk Cocoons in the Future

cocoonsWhen you give blood samples for analysis, these blood samples should be examined immediately or to be refrigerated. It is most important because proteins indicate a number of diseases and those diseases can be destroyed by enzymes in the blood or they can be deformed by surrounding heat. So, those samples would be useless very quickly. From the Tufts University, a team of researchers have introduced a new way for storing blood samples by using silkworm cocoons without putting them on ice.

The concept of this new system is much similar to the traditional dried blood spot collection. The traditional system allows depositing a drop of blood onto a piece of cardboard and allowed to dry. The method of researchers from Tufts University consists on silk-powder and a separate silk based solution. They mix-up both items with a sample of blood and dry it. This method allows securing more blood proteins compared to the traditional drying or refrigeration methods. The team of researchers has published their discovery in the journal proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This method is still underdevelopment and you can’t find it in the doctor’s office in the near future.

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