Bee sized Drone with Tiny Chip designed by MIT

bee-sized dronesYou might experience drones flying like bees, regardless of the size of drones. It has been considered very hard to help navigate using traditional computing power due to it is heavy and needs more power. But, MIT scientists have now discovered a solution. They have developed an advanced navigation chip “Navion”. It is too small in size about 0.3 square inches with efficient power at 24mW. It has the ability to fit in a honeybee-sized drone. This new discovery has a powerful capability to process camera images 171 frames p/second. It is obviously a second hit at the concept. The earlier developed existing design of a similar drone used a heavy amount of power at 2W.

The MIT developed Navion from the scratch and got the successful result with power savings by reducing the amount of data the chip stores at specific given time by increasing its flow. It even goes to the extreme of cutting out math calculations that involve zeroes, since the answer will always be zero. All these efforts helped cut the essential memory down from 2MB to just 0.8MB, also saving on size and power draw. The initial focus of MIT is on testing the chip with a miniature race car, followed by a regular drone and then a mini-drone. The technology isn’t just limited to airborne bots it can also apply to smart pills that navigate to where they’re required or virtually any vehicle that might need to last for a very long time on one charge of battery.

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