Artificial Intelligence can Protect Traditional Crops against Diseases: Monsanto

Artificial Intelligence can Protect Traditional Crops against Diseases: MonsantoMonsanto has starved a number of disagreements for its technology-driven and massively combative approach to agriculture, but its current advanced effort might just hint at the future of farming. It is now partnering with “Atomwise” about the use of Artificial Intelligence to rapidly discover molecules in protecting crops against disease and pests, instead of ruling out molecules one at a time. Atomwise will utilize its long way deep learning to predict the likelihood, a specifically given molecule should have the desired effect. It is shaping down the candidate list of those specific molecules that are originally & genuinely considered more promising.

This specific move might save a considerable amount of time and money. Monsanto pointed out that traditional crop protection takes at least 11 years to reach the market and its development cost is estimated at more than 250 million U.S dollars. The AI collaboration might provide a significant amount of help to the company in getting a rapid profit. But, it will also offer a handsome help to the agricultural industry in tackling diseases and infections prior to they do too much damages. It will also provide extra amount of time to researchers in looking into expected and possible side effects that might harm friendly insects and bacteria.

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