Why Apple Stopped Manufacturing WiFi Routers?

Why Apple Stopped Manufacturing WiFi Routers?Our authentic sources from Bloomberg have claimed that Apple has separated or folded its department of WiFi router. The company had reduced its manufacturing over the past year because a number of team members have joined other departments such as the Apple TV group. Technical experts believe that stopping the manufacturing of routers means the company will supposedly be focused on its other devices participating in generation of more revenue for the company. A spokesperson didn’t confirm this activity, but it is important that a new router hasn’t yet introduced by Apple since 2013. The situation is pointing towards finishing of manufacturing department of routers. The first iBook laptop included the original AirPort Base Station. It helped to motivate the concept of wireless networking.

Point to be noted that a large number of people showed their curiosity when Steve Jobs disclosed an Ethernet cable is unnecessary for him to surf the web. Apple has been considered one of the first companies implemented a new WiFi standard. The company used draft specs and updated just once before the technology finished its journey. It shouldn’t be considered amazing that Apple is finishing its router manufacturing because experts have made their opinions that company was experiencing an increasing number of commercial devices and competition in the wireless devices market. It is also important that unavailability of upgrades for increased coverage and availability of speedy routers in the market have been considered some of the major factors for its stopping of manufacturing.

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