Android One phone will be launched in the U.S in 2017

cheap Android One phoneThe major objective of the Android One project was to standardize expectations for less-costly phones in 2014 and hasn’t yet reformed the mobile arena. Google is still expecting to make another experiment and the initiatives will be taken very soon. A report issued by “The Information” and claimed that it is expected that Google will be able to launch at least one approved device in the mid of 2017. But, report didn’t mention about the phone manufacturer company, but LG has been considered a potential partner of Google. The major aim of the Android One program will be to enable Google in directly providing updates. This device would give you guarantee of timely updates for two years, including important security patches.

Point to be noted that the Android One phones have been previously available in overseas with a cheaper price at less than 100 U.S dollars. So, it has been considered a price boost, but it will still be available at midrange phone price. Our authentic sources informed that there would be a number of devices that could follow the initial launch. So, you should have to wait for a significant amount of time to buy a device at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter what happens, but it would be much better for buying a cheaper phone than Nexus Pixel option. It will be perfect for those who need to access the latest security patches and latest Android updates.

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