Amazon Delivery Drones are illegal : US Federal Judge

Amazon Drones

The Doc and Marty are disappointed with the decision taken by US Federal Aviation Authority regarding Amazon delivery drones. Amazon used commercial drones for free delivery in USA in March that Federal Aviation Authority claimed in the court by considering the illegal and against the country aviation laws.  Though Federal Aviation Authority has no legal authority to make rules retarding model aircraft like Amazon is using right now, yet the agency is not ready to allow Amazon commercial drones to fly through the air to ship the products.

The Amazon introduced its commercial drones to deliver the products through year. The delivery is provided to the people by adding specific fee as delivery charges but delivery is free for Amazon prime subscribers that pay specific membership fee per month. The Federal Aviation Authority is of the view that Amazon commercial drones can take pictures of commercial properties and some other forbidden areas of the country without any prior permission and can use it for journalism with any newspaper of magazine that is unlawful.

The Amazon has stopped its air delivery for some time due to this conflict with Federal Aviation Authority and will start in the future after resolving this issue with FAA. The Amazon representative said that it’s a new and productive technology being used in the commercial industry and it is developing a positive role of drones in the world that need to be continued. Most of the people are in the favor of these commercial drones and want that FAA rules should be modified accordingly to let commercial drones fly in the blue sky.


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