Amazing “Spaceship” Solar-Powered Campus of Apple

Amazing “Spaceship” Solar-Powered Campus of AppleElon Musk is the founder of Tesla and a supporter of renewable and clean technology. It is also surprising that new elected U.S president Donald Trump has nominated Musk to assist as a strategic advisor. Experts believe that Musk can hopefully convince the new elected U.S president to take seriously regarding climate change. Bill Gates has already launched clean energy fund worth at one billion U.S dollars. Chevrolet has now presented its 1st batch of Bolt EVs for its customers in the Bay Area of San Francisco and defeated the Model 3 of Tesla. A new way discovered by Japan Airlines to convert old clothing into jet fuel. Steven Hawking is working to launch self-healing starship in collaboration with NASA and this starship will be used for comfortable planets in Alpha Centauri.

For the first time, the first offshore wind farm of America has now switched online. This farm has been producing extra amount of power energy to facilitate at least 17 thousand homes. Drone captured footages showing the massive solar-powered (Spaceship) campus of Apple will be completed at the end of 2016. Denmark is also working hard in the field of clean energy and has the capability to cover at least half of its electricity requirements using renewable sources. They are hopeful that Denmark will achieve the target in 2035 to facilitate 100 percent demand using those sources. So, the researchers have presented a new solar sidewalk constructed from recycled plastic by joining them as LEGO bricks.

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