Advanced Toilet Light of IllumiBowl can Kill Germs

Advanced Toilet Light of IllumiBowl can Kill GermsMulti-color and motion-activated toilet night light of IllumiBowl has been considered an impractical idea after its initial launch. It might be a practical solution if you don’t strike on the regular light of your bathroom and enter yourself blind to finish your work. It has been considered that most people are looking to buy the concept to stipulate the conclusion. It is important that the Company is crowd funding for the 2nd generation IllumiBowl light and it also includes anti-germ cleaning. This new lighting device also has a highly-focused diode and non-ultraviolet light has the capability to kill bacteria without harming people.

It doesn’t mean that your toilet will can rapidly be germ-free, but it might set your mind at an ease between bowl washing and cleaning sessions. The new advanced design of IllumiBowl light also boosts twice the life of battery by moving from AAA to AA batteries. It is available in a slightly slicker design that looks more at home feasible for your ceramic seat. Its expected backing price is estimated at just 10 U.S dollars and it is the half off the retail price, so it has been considered more attractive and reasonable. This specific project is entirely funded, so you should get your own lighting device and it will be available in the beginning of July 2017.

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