67 Million U.S Dollars Granted for Solar Electric Power Project of NASA

nasa-solar-electric-propulsion-1400NASA is has potential for solar electric thrust with better reasons such as its Dawn spacecraft is using it. They are able to supply power for a large amount of time prior to give up the ghost, but the engines are not too powerful. It was said that NASA is now ready to double with its efficient technology. At least 67 million U.S dollars granted for a three year contract to Aerojet-Rockeydyne in order to develop more advanced solar electric thrusting system. This new technology will be able to provide double power and it will be at least 10 times powerful than chemical engines.

Both major technologies will be used for deep space missions. As far as the project is concerned, it would be more helpful for most of the major and important missions of NASA. It would empower the robotic technology for the Asteroid Redirect Mission and it would also support for the challenge to reach on Mars. In spite the money investment by NASA, next missions would be more advanced by using these new and advanced technologies.

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