200 WiFi Hotspots will be installed in Nigeria: Google

Google will roll out 200 WiFi hotspotsGoogle is efficiently working on empowering connectivity in Africa including hard work in providing WiFi to Nigeria. The search giant will install at least 200 hotspots to some important places by the end of 2020. These places include shopping malls, transportation hubs, and universities in 5 cities across the country. It has been considered the part of a major push in bringing Nigeria online. This project also includes some other important features. Google has pointed out in its Android Oreo Go edition review that its version of Google Maps (Maps Go) was frustrating to use because it ran in the browser rather than being a dedicated mobile app.

To wit, Google says it’s adding a feature so users with low-memory phones or unstable network connections can use turn-by-turn directions. The low-power version of the Google app is getting a new trick too. The app will read websites aloud, word by word, so you can follow along, picking up language cues along the way. Google says that it’ll be available for “billions” of sites, and in 28 languages over the coming weeks. Last week, Google announced that Loon (neé Project) would start providing balloon-based internet service in Kenya starting next year.

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