After 2 Years, NASA Revealed Reestablishment of Connection with Spacecraft

Reestablishment of Connection NASAIf the mission squad loses their connection with a spacecraft for a considerable amount of time then it will not be a good sign, so you should ask from the European Space Agency about the reasons. Now, NASA has recently presented that why you shouldn’t give up hope every-time. The Agency has reestablished connection with STEREO-B. After an estimated communication silence of two years, it is one of the two explorations working on the Sun & Solar weather. The study indicated that the team had lost their connections during a test to command the ship and their first disconnection took place on 1st October 2014. But, they continuously tried using frequent recovery techniques and they recovered their connection on 21st August.

Point to be noted that they are recently using the Deep Space Network. Important thing is “what is next”, it would be little advancement prior to the back in action of STEREO-B, but it doesn’t provide any guarantee that it will be picking up or dropped. The mission squad needs to check the entire subsystems of the aircraft get back attitude control and find out the conditions of its experimental skills prior to forwarding it ok message of health. It doesn’t matter that what would be the results, but the reestablishment of the connection is much better news both for mission crew members and science as they worried about failure of regaining their connection.

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