1st Mission of SpaceX Falcon Heavy will be launched on 7th Feb 2018

1st Mission of SpaceX Falcon Heavy will be launched on 7th Feb 2018The SpaceX will try to launch its massive Falcon Heavy Rocket for the first time on tomorrow 7th February 2018. After its successful flight, it would be the most powerful rocket in operation. This project might open up the availability of future manned missions to the Moon or even Mars. Elon Musk today announced some new details in a press statement regarding the major event of tomorrow launch. Musk added that its rocket mission will take at least 6 hours after launch to reach geosynchronous Earth orbit. It is an orbit that follows the rotation of Earth, so a satellite has the ability to stay at the same place. The current phase of the mission is dedicated to national security missions in order to show that the rocket has the ability to deliver a payload directly to GEO.

The rocket will start a trans-Mars injection engine burn after this mission. The upper part of the Falcon Heavy will position itself in an elliptical orbit. One part will be in Earth orbit and the other part will be in Mars. Musk mentioned it as an “Earth-Mars cycler,” but might be a little tricky to imagine just what this orbit will look like without some visuals. The rocket will be at least 400 million kilometers or about 250 million miles away from our planet if everything goes perfect. It will remain in this orbit for more than a billion years. There might be less or no chance that it will impact the red planet. There are a number of risks linked with the tomorrow’s scheduled mission, but Musk is much confident about it.

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