10 States in the United States will test Expanded Drones

Expanded Drones in the USThe U.S government is focusing on its promise and working good to enhance the use of drones. The U.S Department of Transportation has announced 10 projects. These projects will participate in its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program by representing a wide approach of the U.S administration. Most of them are municipal or state government bodies, including the cities of Reno, San Diego, North Dakota, North Carolina, County Airport Authority of Memphis, the Kansas Transportation Departments, and various others. The University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Virginia Tech, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma will be a part of this program. It is important that Virginia Tech is currently working with the Project Wing of Google for drone delivery initiative.

The transportation and tech giants such as Airbus, AT&T, and Intel are also working hard. The selected pilot projects will experience the collection of data after next two years. It will show how can integrate safely into the American airspace beyond current FAA regulations. Apart from drone flight trips and collision prevention tests, there will be a range from deliveries to night flights. If everything goes perfect, it might lead to rules granting more complicated and low-altitude drone operations. But, there are still various safety concerns after wider usage of drones. The air traffic controllers are already combating safety issues regarding drones. So, some kinds of expansion will be more essential. But, courier drones being used for long-distance might be difficult to implement under the current rules and regulations.

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