Yamaha will present its 2 New Electric City Scooters in Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Yamaha will present its 2 New Electric City Scooters in Tokyo Motor Show 2019Yamaha is headed to the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 to show off a wide range of new electric vehicles. The Motor Show will take place on Thu, Oct 24, 2019 – Mon, Nov 4, 2019. Yamaha is going to have quite the EV spread on display from electric motorcycles and scooters to e-bikes. The company has announced some of its new goods early instead of making everyone wait on the edge of their seats for a few more weeks. Yamaha will present 2 models of its new electric scooters, including the E01 and E02.

Yamaha E02The Yamaha E02 is a 50cc class scooter that has a compact body and a removable battery. It has slower speeds of around 45-50 km/h. It is similar to the new Viva electric scooter of Gogoro, another e-scooter designed specifically for commuting around city centers and other densely populated areas where high speed is less important compared to agility and convenience. Yamaha is basically working with Gogoro to manufacture electric scooters based around swappable batteries of Gogoro. Its lightweight design and removable battery are the 2 major features essential for urban commuter e-scooters.

Yamaha E01The Yamaha E01 is a 125cc class electric scooter with fast charging capabilities. It is equivalent to a 125cc gas-powered machine and is meant to be larger and comfier than your typical scooter to help with longer trips. The company said in a statement forwarded to Electrek that Combining Yamaha’s scooter and EV technologies. The E01 brings practicality for everyday use as well as a quality ride exceeding that of conventional scooters. It features a design that expressively highlights a new generation of sporty styling.

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